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days left to vet two choices for president. 11 days left before we decide who will oversee the economy and security and well-being for the next four years by a wide margin. the most important issue to every group polled says the economy and jobs is the number one issue to americans. that in mind, let's take a look at the two candidate, what they're doing today. governor romney has been delivering a major economic address to voters in iowa. >> this is not the time to double down on trickle-down government policies that have failed us. it's time for new bold changes that measure up to the moment. that can bring america's family to certainty, that the future will be better than the past. >> eric: president obama on the other hand, has a different agenda. today he is hanging out with mtv. look, it doesn't matter what you think of romney. what matters is this. do you really want four more years of obamanomics? check out the latest poll from abc/"washington post." when asked who do you trust more to hand the economy? romney 45 #%. president obama 43%. nine-point difference is huge. we have 1
there was a us nu race october 3. and that was the story in october. the economy is the issue. unlike byron i do believe that people can't stand either of the candidates. and they already can't stand the obama administration they're going to decide on the economy. and economy alone. >> the one area is issues of war. and it has this to point out this isn't just arising on the eve of the election but going on now six weeks. benghazi as we approach tuesday? >> it has. look, you can be a casual consumer and understand they have to the been straight forward with the american people from the beginning. whether selling us different stories or telling us things or whether the president saying just last week that he has shared every piece of information with the american people as soon as he got it. that is false. he hasn't been. his administration withheld information. it's an outrage. i think we don't get answers to the questions because we're an election season. it doesn't mean we can't demand answer asks won't get answers to the questions after the election. and people on the ground in benghazi and p
." >> dana: enron adviser. >> andrea: he said 365,000 jobs needed to be created per month to get the economy back on track. so in the words of paul krugman this is a paltry number we got in today. if you break it down, dana and you look at the group, the demographics. this is obama's base. african-americans, unemployment, 14.3%. young people. young people, trying to rally to get to polls on tuesday are at 16%. people forget the government only factors people looking for work in the last four weeks. i doesn't factor all of the people who stopped looking for work or people with experience and degrees who are in fast food restaurants right now. in addition to the part-time work. so i would have a hard time with the president coming out, saying that this is great and we're where we need to be. >> dana: go ahead, bob. >> bob: i was going to say that the people not looking for work, said for the first time it's now changed course and more people are entering the workforce looking for work. that is not accurate. >> dana: unable to find full-time jobs. >> eric: you are quoting a stat that really bad
be on the economy. we have that huge jobs number tomorrow morning. romney points out that he is all over the jobs, he is the one that creates jobs. obama went to a weird place. talking about green energy, i don't know where -- >> dana: we'll talk about that later. >> bob: can i point out -- >> dana: kimberly and greg haven't had a chance to talk. >> bob: sorry. >> dana: kimberly, karl's prediction was he believes that it will be 51-48 with romney winning, carrying at least 279 electoral college votes. your thoughts? >> kimberly: romney by 3%. i think he will go for it, he will win with 280 electoral votes. i believe he is going to take ohio by margin large enough to be contested in terms of the popular vote. he will take the electoral. >> dana: maybe in wisconsin. what do you think? >> greg: i predict a 90-43 obama victory. that's how well the obama campaign gets out the vote. there will be undocumented workers, space at it lens, local mannequins. the real winner is american people because election will be over. we make it once every six years with no election. this isthe olympics, but we don't h
, a hymn to the dear leader. why not? he's copying the north korea economy. go all the way. only the left who excels at the group think kid indoctrination stuff. enough with the wisdom of the children. children make noise, not policy. they steal change from your pants. you can't form an army without a uniform. hence urban outfitters new shirt. rebillion these days is consider uncool by the left. if james dean were alive today he would vote for romney and trash urban outfitters. it's not hip to force kids to recite a bitter belief. that is not cool. that's koresch, opposite of hip. if you watch the self-consciously cool kids sing like sheep they are. it reveals the real rebels. you. dana, nothing creepier than kids singing. >> dana: i hate kids. frogs and kids. i like puppies. >> greg: creepy and sad? >> dana: yeah. if you go online you can read the words that the kids have to sing about the republicans want to kill people and make them drink poison water. you think, so if you are indoctrinating kids like that, you are raising them not to think for themselves. so later on, you are going to
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)